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Discover a groundbreaking app on Leadership and Management that will help you manage yourself and others better.

Why we built it?

Focus on leadership and management principles with the practical steps to make you succeed

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Why we built It

Wouldn't it be great if you remembered key points, ideas from all of the great books or courses on leadership and management?

Unfortunately, according to a McKinsey & Company survey, adults typically retain just 10% of what they hear in classroom lectures.

Further, cramming all the key points into one lengthy training or a book makes logistical sense, but there is no help in turning them into habits or giving you a feedback on how you are doing in applying them.

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What do I get from the app?

The app helps you develop your people and teams. It helps you to focus on skills and habits that help you establish rapport and bring out the best in your people.

Remembering why you should be doing something is no longer a problem as the key points are always there for your reference. Further, every step along the way it guides you to focus on areas that are required for success by giving you clear feedback on how you are doing.

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How does the app do it?

The app has organized all of the key points and objectives from leadership and management principles into a simple and actionable framework that helps you to act and develop new habits.

Just like a trusted a friend or a personal coach, it takes your specific situation, objectives and context into account and provides a simple, actionable help with feedback every step along the way.

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Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Jim Rohn

Learn Better

Wouldn't it be great if you remembered key points, ideas from all the great books or courses on leadership and management?

Organize Better

What about organizing them in a simple to follow framework and delivered as an actionable guide so you take the most advantage of them?

Apply Better

What you need, when you need it, get feedback just like from a personal coach - evaluate and reflect on how you are doing.

Get Started now

It doesn't cost anything to start right now while in beta. The basic features will always remain free for beta users. More features as well as dedicated IOS and Android apps are coming soon too.


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